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Studio Equipment



Studio Equipment . . .



Yamaha GC1 5'6" new Grand Piano Latest Apple Mac 27" G5 intel core duo computer
Kawai CP80 Stage Grand Piano Pro Tools HD recording suite (current version)
RME FireFace800 56 Channel Audio Interface
(Famous for it's Elite Quality)
Armstrong 104 Flute Alesis M1 active II Studio Monitors
Buescher Clarinet Lacie external dedicated audio hard drive
Traditional Dixon Irish Flute Roland A30 midi keyboard
Complete Drum Kit
Schallock Conga's Alesis Quadraverb
Drumfire Bongo's Carver professional PM300 amp
Turkish Steel Drum Mackie 1202 - 8 channel mixer
German CH1 Chimes Trace Elliot 15" 150watt rehearsal speakers
Tamborines x 2 sE4400a Vocal Recording Mic (Amy Winehouse favourite)
Percussive Shakers AKG C1000 vocal recording mic
AKG C2000 instrument recording mic
Aria AD50 Solid Acoustic/Electric Guitar Rode NT3 instrument recording mic
Baby Taylor B2 Acoustic Guitar Shure SM58 performance mics x 3
"Classic" Shure SM58 Retro Stage Mic x 1
J & D Brothers Acoustic Guitar AKG T206 studio headphones x 5
Yamaha 6 String Ukelele Akai H100 midi saxophone
Ibanez Archtop Jazz Electric Guitar Professional Orbit Camera Tripod Dolly rig
The Human Voice LED PAR64 Lighting systems (fully programmable)



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