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Celebrity & Client Testimonials
Hayley Smyth - 'AADA' Dramatic Arts Acting Academy - New York New York
"As a performer, with background in Acting and Dance, I wanted to be able to feel the same confidence with Singing. Andi has helped me to not only gain confidence but armed me with the knowledge and techniques to achieve this. Andi has a true passion for the arts and this shows from her experience in 'walking the boards' and her coaching. My lessons at VOX have been truly rewarding and the techniques I have learned with Andi will continue to assist me throughout my training as an international performer".

MJ Slinger - Dancer/Singer 'Juliard School New York'
"Being a strong dancer, I learned about Andi through colleagues in the professional dance industry. My time with Andi is some of my most valued; she started me on my path to being the entertainer, (primarily in singing), that I have become.
I now reside in Manhattan, New York and I am fortunate enough to train at 'The Julliard School' and work on Broadway with some of the best actors, dancers and singers in the world.
My time in the United States has exposed me to so much art and theatre and I am absolutely positive that the foundations laid down by Andi Gallaher are what has allowed me to grow into the performer I am today. Her approach to music and teaching are qualities I truly respect and admire."

Sophie Boniface - BA, PC: Double theatre Major Graduate, Speech, Drama & Communications teacher.
"As a performer I am always searching for ways to improve and build on my craft, that"s why I chose to learn from one of the best. Andi Gallher has acted as a mentor for myself imparting her knowledge, expertise, passion and enthusiasm for the arts.
Andi has given me the tools to become a better singer and performer by pinpointing both my strengths and weaknesses and working through them in a supportive environment.
Looking at Andi through my "teaching" eyes, I have moulded my approach to teaching in a similar way. I have great admiration for her as a Coach. There is no boundary between coach and student, just mutual respect. Andi"s lessons always cover the essentials such as voice production, theory, vocal exercises etc, but the lessons are conducted in a fun way, without even realising you are doing the "boring" stuff.
Working with Andi has been such a rewarding experience. With Andi"s knowledge and experience in the arts, passion and support, she has been able to help me develop as a person, a teacher and an artist."

Chloe Maxwell - 'IT TAKES TWO' Channel 7 + Celebrity Model / TV & Radio personality
"Andi has the uncanny ability of being able to make you feel so comfortable in what should be a time when you are at your most vulnerable. For the lead up and during my appearance on the Channel 7 TV show 'IT TAKES TWO', my confidence has increased ten fold and I am forever grateful. Thankyou Andi."

Scott Draper - 'IT TAKES TWO' Channel 7 + Tennis Celebrity & Golf Pro
"I was looking for someone who could help me achieve the possibilty of singing, composing and recording.
Michael Edgley (Promoter) and his staff, recommended that I see Andi Gallaher. With Andi's tremendous ability as a singer, performer, songwriter, fabulous technical voice coach and vast capability in advanced recording techniques, I was able to realise that dream of performing. I am passionate about many things in my life, and singing has always been one of them. Through Andi's expertise and encouragement, I have become a far better singer , with a greater understanding and all in a short amount of time. Most importantly Andi has inspired my passion for singing through an enlightened and professional experience.
Andi's studio has state of the art equipment, but delivers a very relaxed environment at the same time. If your contemplating living that dream or passion and adding a new dimension to your life through music, or needing someone to maximise your true potential, then Andi Gallaher is all your going to need."

Renata Roja - 'Conservatorium of Music'
'Andi Gallaher was my singing teacher for 3 of my High School years including my HSC years. Throughout our interactions she was always inspirational and taught me to sing with my emotions. Andi enabled me to become a confidant performer and her expertise with technique was exceptional.
Her studio provided me with the top of the line recording equipment, along with lessons that were fun and enjoyable. Andi always scheduled time for those last minute backing tracks that I needed for performances and was always there to help me out with stage presence prior to performing.
Without a doubt Andi kick-started my love of music and singing to a much higher level than I had ever experienced before. With Andi"s help and inspiration, I now have a place in the Bachelor of Popular Music Course at Griffith University, a goal which Andi helped me achieve'.

Reenah Sun - International Speaker
"I hold skype calls for Eckhart Tolle throughout Australasia, which includes people from Germany, Barcelona, Switzerland, Scotland, USA and Canada. I wanted to introduce music with presence, so thank you Andi for accepting the challenge of putting together in such a short time the customized orchestration of (Govinda, Hare, Gopala). The final production was better than I could have ever imagined, with my Listeners in awe" !

Alexandra Ward - Music Theatre
"Andi Gallaher though small in stature is a powerhouse of musical knowledge and experience. Her instrumental prowess, coupled with her up to the minute computer skills provides her students and clients with the latest technology and Recording facilities, whilst learning in a friendly and fun filled environment.
I have witnessed first hand, a drastic improvement in my Breathing and Technical Vocal skills and have enjoyed every class immensely. I was lucky enough to perform with Andi at a Xmas concert in 2007, where I saw how a true professional really excels. With Andi Gallaher I know I have a bright and rewarding future ahead. Thankyou Andi."

Tobias Klass - International Student
I visited Australia in 2009 from Germany and was referred to Andi Gallaher @ VOX Studio for Voice Coaching and Performance Presentation. The Studio atmosphere has an immediate welcoming energy and is comfortably relaxing. I was afraid to use my voice due to lack of confidence which Andi encouraged me through, using techniques I had never imagined and all with such a unique contemporary approach. I now have the tools and ability to fulfill my dream of performing live, with confidence and enjoying the experience, which without Andi would not have happened. Recording at VOX was a wonderful journey and stretched my abilities in music writing and arranging and producing my own songs was incredible. I enjoyed my lessons so much and can only hope to find something comparable to Andi back in Germany.

Tahlia Deiffenbach - 'Victorian School Spectacular'
"To 'sing like no one's listening' was not so much the rule, but the building-blocks of what would sculpt a masterpiece. Learning not only how to sing, but to feel the music inside you, Andi taught her students both technique, confidence, appreciation and gratitude. At 15, I was shy and my voice undeveloped, but Andi gradually led me to both a stronger voice and sense of self. There is not enough time to learn from a true Professional and I thank you Andi, for teaching me those vital techniques that I have continued to work on and improve. If it weren't for you, being a part of the Victorian State School Spectacular, and having the confidence in both myself and my voice to audition for such things would not be possible and it was your expertise and knowledge that started me on my way. Thank you again for the endless time and effort that you gave to each of your students; it all made us feel special in our own way".

Linda Gaber -
International Student
"I was visiting Australia on an exchange from Lucerne Switzerland and heard rave reviews about Andi Gallaher & VOX Studio, through many recommendations. This year has been amazing after living the VOX experience. I have learned so much in regards to Voice Technique and Vocal Recording methods. I plan to return to Australia and particularly to VOX Studio. Thank you Andi, I loved singing with you and will always, as you say, "Sing like no-one's Listening" !

Delores Kerwin - Flautist
"My experience at Vox Studio has been one of sheer delight, nerve wracking at times but always great fun and a huge learning curve for me. I was always treated with the utmost respect and professionalism and that gave me the confidence I needed to record my Flute instrumental CD. I have been extremely happy with the outcome of the recordings, the dedication of time and patience shown was greatly appreciated and I am happy to say that a dream of mine to record some day came true. Thank You, Andi"

Danielle Cram - Songwriter/Musician/Performer
"Andi is a highly dedicated perfectionist when it comes to recording. She is an absolute whizz on ProTools, and is never shy to suggest a harmony here, or a tweak of the effects there to give you the best possible result.
Her perfectionism rubs off on you, and that's never a bad thing when you want an excellent quality product!"

Rachel Stuckings -
Band Singer
"After having lessons with other teachers then seeing Andi, she was like a breath of fresh air! Andi is a total Professional who immediately puts you at ease with a fun & easy going attitude.
She is very encouraging and is excited to try any new endeavors and is able to push just enough to make you get the best out of yourself. Andi helped me strengthen my voice and is a PERFECTIONIST when it comes to recording! Recording and producing my own CD has been a very exciting learning curve & something that I never thought that I would be able to do!
Andi made one of my dreams come true! You couldn"t ask for a better teacher!"

. . . "Sing Like No-One's Listening" . . .