Can’t Stop The Music!

Live Online Video sessions, have been operating at VOX for the past 5 years through a choice of Skype, Zoom, HouseParty or Face Time, with the only requirement being a personal device.

All sessions are run as normal ‘in-studio’ sessions, through the professional camera and studio iPad with a tripod set up, so we can move between Overhead view for Piano, Guitar/Uke, wide-angle for Vocal exercises/warm-ups and Interactive Acting, incorporating large mirror view for detailed technique, stage presence, physical movement and drama games, or in close focus for individual instruments, including video recording the live session for reviewing, self-assessment and critiquing.

Step into the Virtual studio and feel the Lights, Camera & Action!

VOX is also introducing ‘Group Collaborations in Song’, which are individually video’d online sessions, group compiled, to produce a Virtual VOX Super Choir, incorporating the art of coaching harmonies, skills on building confidence and featuring solo’s.

VOX is committed to coaching the importance of feeding the mind and soul through music and keeping motivated by nurturing positivity !


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Surprise Yourself’

Present the most unique gift possible, that delivers the incredible forever impact, with something impossible to purchase anywhere in the world – YOUR VOICE !  on a professionally recorded CD.

Available and presented in a professional smart pouch gift pack, including VOX flyer, recipients name and value, printed on a Superstar CD.

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